Mariani’s Virtual Gourmet - Gerovassiliou Avaton

Mariani’s Virtual Gourmet – Gerovassiliou Avaton

John Mariani’s Virtual Gourmet Newsletter – Kitma Gerovassiliou Avaton 2012 – ($47)

Here you have a good example of how Greek red wines have evolved over the last quarter century. Kitma Gerovassiliou was founded in 1981 near Thessaloniki, and today they plant a slew of varietals including Limnio (50%), Mavrotragano (25%), and Mavroudi (20%) that go into this small production (10,000 bottles) wine with a smoky undertone and formidable tannins. If Homer’s “wine-dark sea” were as deep red as Avaton, it would clash with Greece’s blue-green waters. The wine has a long life ahead of it, and with lamb it is a perfect choice. “Avaton” means “inaccessible” or “impossible to reach,” because the owner wanted to make “a super premium Greek wine using only indigenous Greek grape varietals [at a] time when . . . super premium Greek wines were using international varietals,” because such a level of quality was thought to be impossible to reach. No longer.

Article Source Credit to John Mariani, – January 31st, 2016:
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