Producer – Rhous Winery

The family owned and operated Rhous winery is located in the village of Houdetsi, at an altitude of 550 meters, 25 km south of Heraklion and belongs to the viticultural zone of Peza. Rhous is the ancient Greek word for “flow”, the continuous progression of things. Right from the start, the founder and oenologist Minas Tamiolakis was committed to the production of wines using indigenous varieties that would truly showcase the Cretan Vineyard. This forward thinking and creative approach has resulted in the rescue of many indigenous grapes on the verge of extinction, specifically Vidiano, Plyto and Muscat of Spina. Today, these varieties are producing exceptional wines and gaining recognition throughout Greece; they are considered by many as the future ambassadors of Cretan wines.

The estate consists of a sustainable vineyard of about 7.5 hectares and a small, state-of-the-art winery. Maria Tamiolaki and Dimitris Mansolas are now writing their own chapter in the history of the family enterprise. Full of passion and persistence they work hard in order to explore the characters of the indigenous varieties in the unique “terroir” of Crete. RHOUS WINERY aims to marry Crete with the rest of the world by making contemporary, authentic wines.



Dimitris Mansolas completed studies of engineer agronomist at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki before going to Bordeaux for his oenologist’s diploma. He has worked at and consulted for some of the finest wineries in Greece and has been the winemaker at Rhous Winery since 2011.

Maria Tamiolaki graduated from the faculty of oenology of Bordeaux. Before returning to Crete, she had the great opportunity to enhance her professional experience next to competent head-oenologists of some of the most prestigious wineries in the Bordeaux region.

Manousos Tamiolakis after having completed his studies of chemistry at the University of Crete, went to Paris where he achieved a Masters degree in Food Science. For more than 10 years he helped strongly the family create and manage the estate.

Evangellia Tamiolaki represents literally the roots and the origin of this project, since her family owned the land for the establishment of the estate. She has a degree of Economic Sciences.